Tips for Leveraging LinkedIn to Land Your Dream Job

30Social media can be an effective tool for professionals looking to land their dream job, whether you have just graduated college or you’re an established professional looking for a change. Most professionals have a LinkedIn profile, so you need more than an adequate LinkedIn profile to stand out. Here are some tips for leveraging LinkedIn to land your dream job.

Research Companies

You might have an idea of the kind of job you want or the type of firm you want to work for, but you need to dig deeper than that. Research the architecture and design industries and find examples of firms and job titles that appeal to you. When you have specific companies in mind, you can tailor your LinkedIn profiles, so they reflect the values and goals of the organizations you want to work for as well as your own. Also research how those firms use LinkedIn and other social media. Some focus more attention on LinkedIn, while other have a much larger presence of Facebook or Instagram. Knowing what platforms your desired firms use will allow you to make your own LinkedIn presence more noticeable to them.


Just having a snappy LinkedIn, or even social media, profile won’t land your dream job. In most cases, the perfect firm won’t find you; you may have to reach out and find them. It’s important to interact with other people in the architecture and design industries. LinkedIn and Facebook will both have professional groups that specialize in your industry. Join a selection of these groups and become active in them. Take the time to introduce yourself and engage with others who have similar professional interests as you. Not all groups have the same level of activity, so you’ll want to ones that have high levels of engagement. The key it to be yourself and to always be respectful and to have fun!

Experiment with Your Strategy

No single strategy will work for everyone’s situation. Create a strategy customized to your particular needs. This requires a bit of experimentation as you likely won’t know what strategies will work for you until you try them. You may find that LinkedIn doesn’t work for you, but you have more luck with Instagram or Twitter. You might fail to receive much attention from written posts you include on your profiles but have more success with video content you produce. There are many different tools out there for job hunters, such as Twitter lists and services that allow you set up job notifications through a company’s RSS feed. Try several different tools and see which ones you like best.

Using social media to its fullest can help you land your architecture or design dream job, but just filling out a LinkedIn profile isn’t enough to connect you with potential employers. Take the time to research companies in your industry, identify job hunting tools and social media platforms that work for your situation, and network with other professionals.


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