A vast global network of world class talent. Skilled recruiters with a deep understanding of the design industry. A honed process with proven results. These three strengths work together with great success at DBI, the leading design industry recruiting firm in the world.


No other recruiting agency has the depth of architecture and interior design recruiting experience that DBI brings to each search.

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Interior Design

DBI understands the talent and skill needed to see beyond the space into what could be.

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Design Sales

DBI understands that successful sales in the A&D industry must start with design.

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DBI is a global leader in recruiting and placement of Architecture and Interior Design talent. Whether the needs is for a world class designer, a seasoned industry COO, or a product sales representative, DBI is able to partner with your firm to find the right talent quickly. We do this through strategic executive search, full time placement, and contract/contract to hire talent, our Interim Solutions.

Regardless of the need, DBI teams with our clients to provide talent as they grow within their markets, expand into new markets and hire to meet strategic needs. Since 2009 DBI has worked exclusively in the architecture and interior design industry, filling critical positions both contract and full time.

Our mission is to create a lasting legacy of success, growth, and profitability for our clients, candidates, and employees. We do this through advocacy, strategic effort, partnership, and trust.


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