Best Architecture and Design Podcasts and Blogs Right Now

Knowledge is power in the architecture and design fields. You need to stay current on the latest and most relevant trends to your practice. Podcasts and blogs are some of the most accessible educational resources you have at your disposal. Here are five of the best architecture and design podcasts and blogs right now.

Scratching the Surface

Scratching the Surface is a podcast hosted by Jarrett Fuller, which examines the intersection of criticism and practice in design. In the podcast, Fuller interviews designers, architectural writers, critics, theorists, and more. Some of the featured interviewees include Oliver Wainwright, Alexandra Lange, and Reinier de Graf. This is an excellent podcast if you’re interested in the theoretical concepts surrounding design and their relationship to practice.

Failed Architecture

Failed Architecture is a popular podcast that connects architecture to the real world. The main goal of the podcast is to examine what architecture means in contemporary society. The podcast has an international network of contributors who share their personal and insightful stories. The podcast also explores the areas in which architecture and design fail and looks to find ways to solve some of the problems facing the field.

99% Invisible

99% Invisible is a podcast that explores the subtle architecture and design that create the society around us—all the intricate features that go unnoticed to most. Hosted by Roman Mars, the podcast started with a Kickstarter campaign and has now become one of the most popular architecture podcasts in circulation. This is a great podcast if you’re looking for something fun and thought-provoking.


Architizer is an informative blog that features helpful tips for finding materials, design details, and architectural tools. You’ll also find product guides, case studies, and industry updates, and more. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or tips to improve your practice, this blog is great place to start.


Launched back in 2004, this blog is written by Geoff Manaugh and explores architectural topics ranging from the use of technology to acoustics. You will find many interesting posts that you won’t find in the typical design blog. The blog will also help you think about the future of the industry and reflect on the past.

While there are many different podcasts and blogs that discuss topics and concepts related to architecture, you want resources that challenge the way you think about design, bring out your creativity, and educate you on the changing landscape of the architectural field.


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