Tips for Getting Hired During Economic Uncertainty

Between furloughs and cutbacks, the ongoing pandemic has upended a lot of people’s careers. Many professionals in architecture and design have found themselves in a position where they suddenly have to search for a job during an economic slowdown. Here are some tips to share on your resume, on social media and beyond to help you get hired during economic uncertainty and other challenging times.

Highlight Communication Skills

With so many companies abruptly moving to a remote work environment, architectural firms have an even greater appreciation for communication and other soft skills. Employers want professionals on their team who can communicate their ideas in emails, video chats, and phone calls just as well as they communicate their ideas in person. In addition, many interviews are going to be through video conferencing. If you want to nail the interview, you have to demonstrate the same communication skills, the same confidence, and the same excitement you would show in a typical interview.

Stay Focused

The employment market is highly competitive right now. Many job seekers are applying to every job opening that is remotely relevant to their career interests or skills. This has the potential to backfire. Many design firms have reported that candidates they’re interviewing aren’t showing up prepared and some don’t even remember applying for the position. Candidates should focus in on the positions that are the best fit for them and put their effort into preparing for the interviews that matter.

Understand Your Value

When job hunting, it is always important to now your value so you can communicate why an employer should hire you. Now that we’ve experienced an economic slow down, this is even more important. Think about what your skills are and what skills employers are looking for right now. Firms are looking for skills that will enable candidates to be creative and supportive team members. They’re also looking for software and tech skills.

Be Flexible

The pandemic has shown that flexibility is crucial for success. The pandemic changed the entire landscape of the industry practically overnight. As a job seeker, you have to understand that a lot has changed, and you can’t adhere to the same expectations you had before the pandemic. If you want to get hired, you might have to adjust your expectations in terms of job responsibilities, location, and compensation.

2020 may not be the ideal time to be a job seeker. Yet, there are many new grads and professionals who are in need of employment. While the field is competitive right now, you can stand out from the pack by showcasing excellent communication skills, being flexible, staying focused, and highlighting the value you can provide employers.


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