How to Create Resilience in Your Career During Uncertain Times

There’s no question that 2020 has brought a lot of uncertainty for the architecture and design industries, as the global pandemic continues to affect the economy. But times of hardship offer the perfect opportunity to build resilience in your career. Below are some tips to create resilience in your career during uncertain times.

Invest in a Strong Network

Networking is an essential part of resilience. Reach out and stay in touch with past colleagues, professors, and mentors. LinkedIn and other social media platforms can also help you expand your network and connect with other professionals in the area. It is important that you cultivate your network by demonstrating consistent communication. That way when you need help with your career, you will have a strong network to rely on.

Focus on Your Attitude

Maintaining a positive mindset helps build resilience. When you meet obstacles in your career, dwelling on the negative will only make the obstacle harder to overcome. But if you train yourself to approach challenging situations with optimism, when the time comes, you will have the mindset you need to tackle the situation and make smart decisions that benefit your career.

Keep Yourself Flexible

You will have more resilience if you approach your career with a healthy degree of flexibility. Don’t box yourself into any specific sector, firm size, project type, or location. If you keep your options open, more opportunities will come your way. Even jobs outside of the architecture field incorporate many of the same skills used in design and can also help you develop additional knowledge and skills. Short-term flexibility can often lead you to reach your long-term goals more quickly.

Look to the Future

Especially during times of uncertainty, it doesn’t work in your favor to focus on the past or to narrow in on present stress. This will only overwhelm you and cause anxiety even more. Instead, think about where you want your career to be five years from now and think about what you can do in the present moment to move yourself toward your career goals. It helps to think about your priorities and write down your goals on paper.

Resilience is an important trait to have to succeed in the design and architecture fields. During uncertain times, resilience will give you the perseverance and mindset you need to weather the storm, bounce back stronger, and move forward with your long-term career objectives.


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