The One Thing Your Firm Needs to Do to Attract Talent

Architecture and design firms have to pull out all the stops to win over talent in this competitive employment market. If there is one thing you can do to attract talent it is to tell your firm’s story. If you have a compelling culture, brand, and history, candidates will want to be a part of your firm’s story. Ask yourself these three questions.

What Makes You Unique?

Think about what makes your firm different from all the others. Do you have projects that are unique to your firm? What about your company culture makes you stand out from other firms in your area? Once you know what makes you unique, find ways to communicate these standout qualities to candidates. The key is knowing where to convey your message, so it reaches the right audience. Places like social media (Instagram, YouTube, blogs), design schools, architectural vendor/partners are a great place to start.

What Are Your Values?

Your company’s values are one of the main things that will captivate prospective employees. What do you care about? Some firms value sustainability above all else, while some really care about collaboration and innovation. Consider what the candidates you want to attract look for in a job. Many want a healthy work-life balance for example. Many young professionals want to work for a firm that values diversity and has a sense of social responsibility.

What Opportunities Do You Offer to Candidates?

Finally, think about what you have to offer candidates. Do you provide opportunities for career advancement? Do you have training opportunities? What kind of benefits and bonuses does your firm offer? These are the things that can sell your firm to candidates searching for architecture and interior design jobs.

Have Your Current Employees Act as Brand Ambassadors

Your talent is your best resource, so put them at the center of your recruitment strategy. Highlight their accomplishments and showcase their designs. Have them tell the story of the firm, its values, and its achievements. Candidates will relate better to their peers. Video testimonials are especially useful when it comes to attracting talent.

If you want to attract top talent, you need a compelling story that highlights your firm’s culture and values. Your story needs to also explain what opportunities your firm provides their employees. Once you know your story, you have to market the story so job seekers will understand the story and connect with your brand.


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