Pinterest is a great tool for the Interior Designer!

As a designer, inspiration and creative vision are essential to your success. Keeping up with the latest trends within the industry is also important. Color schemes and layouts that were relevant last year may be eclipsed by new design elements this year. One great way to get inspiration and develop fresh ideas is by using Pinterest. Here are some of the ways interior designers can make the most of the Pinterest tool.

Stay Focused

The only potential downfall with social media platforms like Pinterest is that there are so many different categories of imagery. From travel destinations to recipes, the photos can become a distraction. It is important to stay focused on interior design, or your desired target, while you’re browsing. Save relevant images that inspire you to do your best work.

Follow Other Designers

Finding and following accounts of renowned designers will help keep you sharp and offer you insight into how other designers create spaces and solve creative problems. Some design firms to keep an eye on are: Hive Interior Design, Kelly Wearstler, and any other designers whose pins inspire you to do your best work.

Keep Organized

It’s tempting to click and save hundreds of photos every time you log in to Pinterest. But you don’t you want to get stuck scrolling through an infinite list of images to find that one color scheme that caught your attention last week. Show some restraint when choosing what you save, use your design eye. Then, concentrate on keeping everything organized by creating different boards based on projects, colors, and styles. You can even create and save boards for specific clients.

Expand Your Marketing Reach

Sharing and creating engaging content will not only attract new clients, but also help to prove yourself as a design expert and authority in your niche. Feature your work with eye-catching images on your company’s board as well as group Pinterest boards. Be sure to include titles on your images that informs your audience what they will gain from opening your pin.

Pin Consistently

Pinning to your own boards daily will help to build your online presence and establish a loyal following. Remember to list keywords in your pin descriptions so they are optimized for interior design searches.

If you’re not seeing benefits from using Pinterest, you probably need to adjust your strategy. Focus on saving photos from designers that inspire you. Keep your boards organized, and don’t forget to showcase your ideas on a regular basis to expand your marketing reach.


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