How Interior Designers Are Using Pinterest

Pinterest is a search engine platform where people can store, discover, and share creative images online. Pinterest is also an excellent platform for interior designers who need daily inspiration or want to drive traffic to their business website to attract new clients. Here are some ways interior designers are using Pinterest.

As a Search Engine

Many interior designers prefer Pinterest over Google as a search engine because Pinterest is more visual in its approach. With Pinterest, you can search for images using keywords like “farmhouse kitchen ideas,” “bedroom paint colors,” or “living room furniture.” Then, you can create image boards to keep track of the images that inspire you. You can arrange your board however you like, but one way to stay organized is to create boards corresponding with the spaces you are designing.

To Drive Traffic

The pins on Pinterest link back to the website the image is published on. This makes Pinterest a great tool if you want to get new visitors to check out your firm’s website. You want visually stimulating pictures that Pinterest users will want to click on. Here are some tips to help you create more effective interior design pins:

Go Vertical

If you want people to find your blog or website through Pinterest, it’s best to use vertical images. Most bloggers use horizontal images on their posts. However, vertical images work best for Pinterest. Vertical pictures take up more space so they’re more likely to catch the eye of Pinterest users.

Write Descriptions Rich with Keywords

Pinterest pulls information from the captions that photos have when they’re originally published. You want these captions to describe the images with keywords. You can also include a photo credit. This information will help your pins appear more frequently in user searches.


Unlike with Instagram, hashtags on Pinterest work best if you keep it simple. You don’t want too many or they will take away from the pictures. You also want to make your hashtags generalized. If the hashtags are too specific, they won’t work their magic. Pick simple hashtags, such as #lobbyideas or #officeinspiration. This will also help more Pinterest users find your pins.

Rich with images and creative ideas, Pinterest is an excellent search platform to use if you are an interior designer. You can use Pinterest to organize your ideas for a million-dollar project or search for inspiration when you run into a creative block. You can also use Pinterest to draw traffic to your blog or website.


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