How to Cultivate a Positive Work Culture

A positive work culture can make your architectural firm the company everybody wants to work for. These tips will help minimize negativity in the workplace and cultivate a positive work culture.

Identify the Root of the Problem

Usually if you have multiple employees who seem to have a bad attitude, there is an underlying reason. The key is to take the time to understand your employees by asking sincere and transparent questions. Sometimes, negative attitudes can result from employees not feeling challenged or not feeling valued. Other times, employees have personal reasons that have created negative attitudes within them. Whenever a candidate displays signs of having a negative attitude, it is imperative that you identify the “why.” Negativity has a way of spreading, so if negative attitudes go unchecked it won’t be long before it affects your firm’s whole culture.

Show Appreciation

When everyone on the team feels valued and accomplished, the work culture as a whole will be more positive. Handwritten notes of gratitude, public praise, performance reviews, thank you lunches, and cards are just a few ways you can show your team members that you appreciate them. Your team will start to question their worth and their sense of purpose if their hard work and accomplishments aren’t celebrated.

Give Consistent Feedback and Advice

What most employees want is to feel like their careers are on the track and to know the work they perform matters. Consistent and actionable feedback gives employees the information they need to improve in their job and make strides toward personal goals they have for their careers, while helpful advice lets them know you care about their progress. Feedback and advice improve performance, engagement, and job satisfaction, which, in turn, will contribute to a more positive work culture.

Foster Inclusivity

To have a positive work environment, your employees need to feel like they are part of something meaningful. You can foster inclusivity in the workplace by encouraging social interaction among team members and by providing opportunities for employees to voice their opinions. You will promote more positivity in the workplace if you make sure everyone feels heard. Social engagement is also important. You can’t have a positive environment if your team doesn’t trust and appreciate each other.

To cultivate a positive work culture, you have to first eliminate sources of negativity. Then, you can focus on providing employees the support, sense of purpose, and social interaction they need to feel engaged in the workplace.


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