How to Improve the Candidate Experience

As the architecture employment market becomes more competitive, companies need to find strategic ways to improve the candidate experience. Providing candidates with a positive experience during recruitment improves the overall reputation of your company, increases the likelihood of your top pick accepting an offer, and helps new hires start off on the right foot. Here are some tips that will help you improve the candidate experience.

Create an Excellent First Impression

The candidate experience begins when the candidate first interacts with the company and the first impression they receive will greatly influence how the candidate perceives your organization. Think about the language you use on your website and in your job descriptions. This about the scheduling process and the detail of the information shared. What is the candidate thinking when they are greeted in your office? What do they see when they step into the interview room? You want to ensure that these early experiences are inviting, accurately reflect the culture of the company, and show the candidate that they will be treated as valuable employees if they are hired.

Be Engaging

Candidates don’t want to sit through repetitive interviews or hear about things they could just read on the company’s website. The interview, or any interaction, should be informative and interactive. Candidates want to learn about the goals of the company, about their job responsibilities, and about the hiring process. They also want the experience to be conversational. They want a chance to share their own values and expectations. Having an engaging conversation is much more appealing than just answering question after question.

Communicate Expectations Clearly

Strong communication will make the candidate experience stand out. Candidates want to know exactly what to expect from the hiring process. How long will the interview last? Who will be interviewing them? What type of questions will they need to answer? When will they receive a follow-up email? A detailed outline of the hiring process helps candidates be prepared and makes the process less stressful by reducing the amount of uncertainty that the candidate experiences.

Incorporate a Mobile Strategy

Professionals in architecture and design spend a fair amount of time online and on social media so if you want to connect with them in a meaningful way, you have to do it where they feel comfortable. You want to make sure your company website provides as enjoyable of an experience when viewed on a smartphone as it does on a desktop computer. You also want to ensure your social media pages have up-to-date, engaging content that is relevant to prospective employees.

Providing an exceptional candidate experience can help your architecture firm attract better talent. The key is to set clear expectations, communicate consistently, and keep the content discussed engaging and relevant to the candidates.


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