Remote Work Works

Remote work has taught employers that their employees can be as productive remotely as they were when working from the office.

How do you keep your employees motivated, engaged, and productive in this new norm of working remotely? Today we will discuss one factor that can help your employees stay productive.

Improve Employee Productivity through Flexibility

Top talent is hard to find. It is important to retain your top talent and introduce practices that motivate the talent to stay with you for the long term.

Leaders of design firms understand the importance of creativity and flexibility in the work environment. Your employees want to feel respected and valued. Flexibility allows your employees have freedom in getting their work done. This freedom means that you aren’t putting restrictions or setting definitive workplace rules for them.

If your employees want to permanently work remotely, what do you do? If they want to work at flexible hours because they must take care of their kids or family members, how do you respond?

Working remotely comes with a lot of different scenarios that cannot be correlated with working from the office. Due to the unique situation, design firms must take unique measures [i.e. provide flexibility] to keep the team motivated and productive.

Flexibility sometimes can also stand for trust – it is more like a manifestation of trust i.e. I trust you to do your job no matter where you are working from.

Providing this flexibility allows staff members to manage their own productivity and do their own thing. As a leader, it is your job to reward your employees and provide them the trust that they can work as they wish as long as they are getting the job done and meeting deadlines.

Flexibility is a key way to show your talent that you want them to be in the firm for the long haul. Non-flexible employers cause employees to quit jobs and find companies that offer flexibility. Many companies are dealing with the matter of the Great Resignation and it only proves that instead of snacks and stand-up meetings, people want employers that are understanding and flexible.

How is YOUR firm engaging with the top talent?

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