Career Growth

Career growth in architecture is about skill, experience, and timing. In today’s market, moving your career forward is not as much about paying your dues and showing your loyalty, now you have to demonstrate value to your firm.

Here are some tips on how to move your career forward in the architectural industry.

Learn and Study Constantly

In the architecture field, technology, project delivery methods, business practices, and client expectations change rapidly. You must make sure you study and train constantly to keep up with these changes. This is not only about technical skills and learning new software. Keep informed with industry design trends and know where the industry is doing overall.

This is the only way you can stay relevant. If you don’t keep up with changes in the industry, you could easily see your promotion go to someone who is seen as more adaptable, no matter how long you have been with the firm.

Find Strengths in Others

Employees who assume leadership roles are more likely to be promoted. One element of strong leadership is finding the strengths in the other people on your team, as well as the strengths of people outside of the firm. On the one hand, you can help the other team members hone their top skills. Raising other team members’ performance is just as important as improving your skills. A leader lifts people; they don’t step on them. This is also a chance for you to learn from them so you can enhance your abilities. Humility is important. Even if you’ve been with the same firm for ten years, new employees could come on board that have things to teach you. Be open!

Be Creative

The people most likely to be promoted are the ones who show initiative. Creating something is one of the best ways to demonstrate your initiative. You need to create something new that adds value to the firm. For example, if you identify a problem within the firm, create a solution. As architects, you thrive on being innovative so use this to your advantage. If you notice the way the firm tracks employee performance is lacking, come up with a better way to do it. This way you’ll be able to show your worth. This small investment in time and creativity will accelerate your career.

Make Contacts Across the Industry

When it comes to networking, the key is building enduring relationships. Moreover, you want to have relationships with people throughout the architectural industry. Keep in mind your career isn’t the only one developing. A former colleague could end up in a position where they influence the person who decided whether you get promoted or not. The more contact you have the better. But again, the key is to create strong relationships. Calling in a favor to an acquaintance you haven’t spoken to in fifteen years isn’t going to do you any good.

Remember, the employees who are promoted are the ones who add measurable value to the firm. The best way to show you have value is to be a problem solver, adapt to changes, focus on improving your ability and skills, and lift others around you.