As a CEO of an architecture and design firm, one of the potential assets to think about is what’s known by so many as “contract labor.” Here at DBI, we refer to it as “interim solutions.” Regardless, contract labor is contract design talent that the firm doesn’t hire on. A person works for themselves or for a recruiting agency – like DBI – and comes to your firm under a 1099 tax form.

Depending on the type of work and budget in play, contracted labor could be the best option for you. Here’s why:

Timeline: Contract Design Talent Is Perfect for Short-Term Projects 

Contracted talent is best for short-term projects. Typically, these projects last less than a year. It’s not unheard of to have a contractor at your firm longer than a year, but most firms hire contractors for short-term work.

If you are looking to fill a long-term position, you may want to hire a full-time employee rather than a contractor. Of course, budget plays a role in which type of person to hire as well.

Contracted workers usually have a higher price tag, but they don’t work as long as full-time employees. The profit margin makes it worth it to hire these employees short-term because it still equals out to less than a full year’s salary by the time the project is finished.

Unique Skillset

Does the project require a unique set of skills that your team doesn’t have or doesn’t necessarily need on a full-time basis? Is your team too busy to take away from their daily activities to work on the project?

For example, many firms could benefit from a COO, but they don’t have the overhead to cover a full-time COO.

This type of skill set is perfect for a contracted basis.

Increase Profits

Of course, the most important thing overall is that hiring the contracted talent will help the company by increasing profit margins. Big companies like Microsoft and Amazon understand the benefits of contracted labor for a short-term project has on their bottom line.

The architecture and design industry is in a period where pivoting is crucial not only for the business side of things but also for hiring and keeping the best employees possible. Sometimes, that means not hiring the employee and hiring a contractor instead!

If you are still unsure whether contracted labor is right for you, DBI is here to make the decision as easy as possible.

Our Interim Solutions Program

When you work with DBI, you no longer have to worry about finding the best interim solutions workers!

At DBI, we have a very robust interim solutions program that is able to put contractors and interim talent in all fifty states for firms of all sizes. Our firm employs these contractors – they get benefits, vacation, and participate as full-fledged employees of DBI. This means that you’re not contracting someone without the full vested interest and looking for the next role or pay. They are going to be motivated and fully vetted.

Are They a Good Fit?

Fit is essential. If you find our interim solutions employees are a great fit and decide you want them to work for your firm, we encourage that. You can bring them in on a project basis and make sure that it is a great fit before making any decisions! They are our employees, but if the opportunity arises for them to work full-time at an architecture firm, you have the right to hire them.

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