Why Now is Good Time to Hire Contract Employees in Architecture and Design

As businesses in architecture and design look forward to growth in the industry contract employees can be a useful tool. Contract work is ideal for short-term projects and work that requires little supervision or training. Is putting contractors into your workflow the right move for your firm? Here are some of the top benefits of hiring contract employees.

Benefits of Contract Employees

There are a number of benefits associated with contract employees. Hiring on contract saves you money over hiring a full-time employee and is less of a risk to your firm because all back of office overhead is covered by the contract fee, often up to 60%. Employing contractors is particularly useful when you have a project that requires a specialized skill your team doesn’t need outside of the current project. Employing a contractor can also be a smart hiring strategy because it gives you the opportunity to test out the talent before you bring a new employee on full-time.

What to Look for in a Contract Employee

A good contract employee has a lot to offer your firm. They will be able to adapt quickly to your needs because they are used to being in diverse work and team environments. They tend to be self-motivated and have a positive attitude, which keeps them determined to get the job done. Contract employees can also contribute fresh perspectives that can help keep the creative energy at your firm high. The right professional can bring a lot to the table.

Work with a Recruiter

When hiring for contract positions, it is a smart idea to seek assistance from an architecture recruiter. If you need to hire because of a specific skill requirement, a recruiter will know which professionals have the skill set you need for the project. A design recruiter will be able to use their expertise and expansive network to speed up the recruitment process and find professionals who have the potential to become long-term employees down the line.

Although full-time employees are necessary for big jobs that require a lot of management and training, hiring on contract offers a variety of benefits to design firms. Using contractors is a great way to fill skill gaps, fill positions for short-term projects, and save money on hiring expenses. Employing on contract will also allow you to familiarize yourself with the talent pool. For firms looking to grow, now might be the perfect time to hire more employees on contract.


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