Promoting Your Firm's Culture is Essential Now and Going Forward

As architecture and design firms move forward, it’s important to think strategically about company culture and how it can facilitate growth. This year has taught us that the values and behaviors of a company matter. In the future, customers and employees alike are going to expect businesses to exhibit compassion, understanding, and integrity. Here’s how you can promote your firm’s culture now and going forward.

Identify Your Purpose

At the end of the day, architecture firms succeed on the strength of their leadership and employees. A firm without a clear purpose has no direction and won’t be able to attract and retain top talent. When thinking about your brand and culture, start by identifying a purpose. What drives you as a company? Why do you do what you do? Your employees will feel more engaged if they know how the work they perform helps the community, so make sure you communicate to them the company’s mission.

Lead with Integrity

Times of adversity can bring out the best and the worst in people. Whenever there is a disaster, there are opportunists who try to take advantage of the situation by committing fraud or other scams. But there are also individuals and companies who go out of their way to try to help; whether that means helping with cleanup after a hurricane or providing PPE during a pandemic. Employees don’t want to work for a firm that steps on others to get ahead. They want to work for a company that demonstrates accountability, treats employees and customers with respect, and cares about the world. You might gain short-term profits by acting ruthlessly, but you won’t build a brand that others trust. Tell this story as often as you can and to as many as you can. Sharing you truth is a key to leading with integrity.

Promoting Your Culture

While having a strong company culture is essential, the ability to promote that culture is equally important. The key is consistent communication. You want all of your communication—from social media posts to job ads to website content—to reflect the same set of values. Then, you need to make sure the behaviors and actions of your company reflect the values you claim to hold. Now and moving forward, the best way to promote your brand as a firm is to prove to both customers, employees, and candidates that you have compassion.

The pandemic has shifted the priorities of employees and job candidates. Architectural firms need to think strategically moving forward about their company culture and their brand. More than ever, architecture and design professionals want to work with firms who demonstrate compassion, integrity, and a purpose-driven approach to business.


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