Every creative has experienced some degree of a creative block. Creative blocks are not limited to only traditional visual artists and writers. All creatives, including designers in interior design jobs and architecture jobs, look for ways to tap into creative ideas when they’ve hit a wall. There are different reasons why creative blocks occur. It could be due to client demands, exhausting the same ideas, thinking too broadly, or thinking too narrowly. When you one idea takes over, you can be in danger of blocking out new, outside-the-box ideas.

Take a Break from the Project

It may seem counterintuitive but stepping away from a project when you’re feeling stumped might help ideas come to you. Stepping away from a project helps you to not only break that train of thought but will refresh your mind allowing other ideas to percolate. In addition, giving yourself distance from the project will usually help you see it more clearly. Painters implement this technique frequently. They step away from their painting to see the flaws from afar that they may have overlook being too close to see what’s right in front of them.

Find Inspiration in Other Places

Shift your focus to other creative outlets. Go to the museum for inspiration. We live in a time where we can digitally access an abundance of images right at our fingertips. You can find artworks and artifacts on Google Arts & Culture. There’s an ever-growing body of inspiration on online platforms, like Instagram or other creative-minded social media platforms. If you don’t find inspiration online, unplug and go outdoors. Visit one of your favorite architectural buildings. Most of the time, going for a walk or run will spark your imagination. According to Stanford researchers, going on a hike elevates your creativity.

Breaking Away from Client Parameters

Clients often give guidelines that might not always behoove the designer in the process. If the client’s idea is not working with the design, this can cause a creative block. Go back to the drawing board. Try consulting with the client and propose ideas that will work for their project. Moreover, give the client new ideas. Ultimately, a client doesn’t want a carbon copy of something else. They want to stand apart from the crowd and will be happy to work collaboratively on their vision. They will trust your expertise.

Create a Daily Schedule and Deadline

If you feel stuck on a project, take a short break. However, if you find yourself procrastinating because inspiration hasn’t struck, give yourself a deadline. The longer the time lapses, the more distant and uninspired you might feel. Assigning yourself daily goals is healthy. Get your ideas out on paper. You can edit or return to the drawing board later. The important thing is you’re putting in the work.


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