Effective time management is getting even more difficult with all of the new technological distractions we’re constantly surrounded by. One of the keys to getting more done in less time is planning, prioritizing, and streamlining your work. Then, it’s about promoting more efficiency in your life by focusing on the most important results. You can produce the outcomes you want and get more done when you sort tasks into manageable-sized pieces.

Here is how chunking enables us to manage our time more productively.

Replace Multitasking with Chunking

Most of our workdays start with an unlimited number of things to do. We get overwhelmed before even beginning. It becomes tempting to multitask to catch up, but this can lead to even more distractions. Although you’re completing tasks all day, it doesn’t mean that you’re accomplishing what is most important. Fortunately, you can still become a master of your schedule by leveraging the right productivity tools and resources. That’s why architecture recruiters and career coaches encourage the use of chunking instead of multitasking. It enables employees to balance their personal and collective workloads more efficiently without burning out.

Try categorizing tasks based on the desired outcomes to improve organization and productivity. Document the things you want to accomplish by listing urgent tasks first. Then, you can work on them when your energy level and motivation are the highest.

Time Chunking Improves Focus

Another key to productivity is limiting the amount of time your brain is forced to focus on work tasks. Studies even suggest that we can only concentrate on specific tasks effectively for short periods. Breaking projects down into 25-minute work intervals ensures optimal focus while reducing the urge to procrastinate. Instead of endlessly working on tasks, this time management technique encourages completing them by developing a laser-like focus on your goals.

Shift Your Mindset

Chunking tasks can help you maintain focus and maximize your desired outcomes. Then, you still have to shift to a proactive mindset. You’ll start experiencing positive results when you eliminate distractions like social media, email, and being glued to your phone. Instead, know what high-value tasks you want to focus on and try delegating instead of micromanaging some of the time-consuming tasks that could be holding you back.

Finally, chunking can help you achieve more so you can fully enjoy your downtime. Don’t take it for granted and use any extra time to keep working. Instead, make sure to use downtime to relax and recharge as you continue toward your goals.


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