How great leaders can improve creativity.

We all know that great leadership helps motivate a team and improves efficiency, but in architecture and design, it also improves creativity. Leaders who know how to communicate, organize, and inspire can help cultivate innovative ideas from their team members. Here’s how great leaders can improve creativity in architecture and design.

Experiential Learning

Quality leaders understand the value of experiential learning. Experiential learning is a process in which employees develop knowledge and skills from direct experience. A strong leader implores their employees to reflect on their past good ideas and share their experiences with their team members. Together, a team can learn how to generate new ideas from those past experiences. It is important to also test out your concepts for generating ideas to make sure they work they way you expect.

Great Leaders Balance Creativity and Compliance

An organization that runs on compliance emphasizes rules and policy. The goal is to have a well-organized efficient company. An organization that is driven by creativity emphasizes relationships, values, and thought-processes. While compliance is important for maintaining a productive company, strong leaders will still emphasize a creative work culture, as this helps each individual team member to reach their potential. This is the yin and yang of any successful design firm.

Relationships in a Creative Work Culture

The best relationships are built on common ground, trust, empathy, and encouragement. When these conditions are met, employees will be able to take more risks and generate better, more creative ideas. Team members need to understand that they all have a common goal and they all have opinions that are valuable. They need to encourage each other and understand that together they are stronger than they are individually. The best leaders will also leave room for their employees to be autonomous. They have to trust that their team members are smart and capable.

Encourage Your Team to Be Confident

One of the most important things a leader can do is instill confidence in their team members. Fear of failure holds many people back. If your employees have confidence, they can overcome fear and take more risks. This allows them to generate better ideas and empowers them to share those ideas. You have to lead by example. if you are bold and assertive and express to your team members that you value these traits, your team will have more confidence.

In architecture and design, strong leadership is the key to having a creative and innovative team. The most creative companies have employees that participate in experiential learning, take risks, and show confidence. Great leaders foster relationships based on common ground and encourage a work culture built on innovation.


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