From working parents to individuals going back to college, part-time design jobs are a better fit for some people. But, before you decide to accept one of these opportunities, it’s essential to learn the main differences between full- and part-time employees. Although it’s not a federal law, the Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies full-time employment as working 35+ hours per week. Thus, some candidates are hesitant to consider part-time roles because they typically don’t receive the same benefits, like paid-time-off, health insurance, retirement plans, etc., as their full-time colleagues. Here is a checklist of reasons why part-time roles could be right for you.

However, if these differences work for your lifestyle, working a part-time job could provide an outstanding work/life balance. 

  1. You’re a family-oriented person. Part-time roles are ideal for working parents because they are afforded more flexibility in their personal lives, like picking their kids up from school and grocery shopping. Plus, any income lost from working fewer hours is often gained back by saving on daycare expenses, transportation costs, etc.
  2. You feel worn out working full-time. Working 50+ hours per week isn’t conducive to some lifestyles because there isn’t enough time left to exercise, cook, etc. Part-time design jobs are perfect for those people looking to reduce stress and hit the gym or have time for themselves.
  3. You want to earn more money. It’s still possible to acquire just as much money, or even more in some cases, from working part-time. Some employers are willing to pay part-time employees higher hourly wages because of the money saved from not providing them with benefits. So, you may earn more working part-time, especially if you consider balancing multiple opportunities simultaneously.

Also, working part-time may be an option over not working, allowing for income and personal time in your life.

  1. You’re ready for new job opportunities. Accepting a part-time role, or even an apprenticeship, is an effective way to get your foot in the door at firms and learn new skills. Listing several part-time jobs on your resume makes you more marketable than having extended gaps in employment. It’s also a great way to start climbing the ladder in any profession because design recruiters are looking for the most versatile, resilient candidates.
  2. You want more personal fulfillment. Full-time employment is often the main barrier that stands in the way of personal satisfaction. Part-time roles are ideal for people who want to make some money while going to college or those not willing to sacrifice their extracurricular activities.

Finally, before you accept a part-time role, or try making the shift to one, make sure that you can afford it. Although it’s possible to earn more money working less from the lowered expenses, not everybody can pay their bills with a part-time salary. But, if you’re feeling burned out and want to spend more time with your family, working one or more part-time roles might be the best option for you.

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