You can Still Access Art and Design During Coronavirus

Something that many designers have in common now is that they are struggling to connect and find inspiration during the coronavirus pandemic. A great way to get through this block is to view the work of other artists and designers around the world. Although most art museums have been forced to suspend their operations until further notice, many are still offering virtual tours and high-resolution images as safer alternatives to physical attendance. For instance, Google Arts & Culture is providing virtual access to numerous art institutions complete with creative storytelling and behind-the-scenes information. Here are a few of the ways you can still access art and design during coronavirus.

Wright Virtual Visits

Architects and designers can tune in every week on Thursday at noon as conservators share videos of specific Frank Lloyd Wright-designed buildings. Some of the scheduled tours include Fallingwater, the Hollyhock House, Graycliff, Prairie School and the Gordon House. Although all of these virtual tours are being offered free of charge, visitors are still encouraged to donate to their favorite sites.

Google Arts & Culture

Google has developed a platform to provide online access to major museums and collections around the world. Museums have been hit hard by the pandemic and most have closed their physical locations to the public until further notice. By partnering with over 500 art institutions across the globe, Google has delivered art and design into everyone’s living room. Now is a great time to take advantage of being able to view major collections online for free. Here are just a few that are available right now.

  • J. Paul Getty Museum – Featuring artwork between the 8th and 21st centuries, the collection displays everything from European painting and drawings to illuminated manuscripts and sculptures. The “Explore” option enables users to walkthrough and enjoy 360-degree views of galleries.
  • National Folk Museum of Korea – Not everybody gets a chance to travel to Korea, but if you want to view what the daily life and culture of this country is like, then try virtually exploring the National Folk Museum. Some online exhibits happening now are The Life of a Korean, Portrait of Three Jo Brothers, and The Colors in Korean Life and Culture.
  • Chauvet Cave – Another once in a lifetime opportunity is to view the 33,000-year old cave paintings at Chauvet Cave. Taken an online 3-D journey of this famous prehistoric rock art site.

In addition to bringing some much needed inspiration, visiting museums and viewing art can also improve critical thinking skills and empathy, the qualities that can help architects and designers improve and also overcome the challenges of this pandemic.


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