How Architecture Firms Are Playing a Pivotal Role in the COVID-19 Response

Architecture firms have stepped up during the COVID-19 pandemic and are now playing a critical role in the global response. Many architects and designers are helping their communities, first responders, and healthcare workers during the current crisis. Here are some of the ways architecture firms are playing a pivotal role in the COVID-19 response.

Architects in the Healthcare Industry

The coronavirus threatens to push many hospitals in the United States past their capacity. Architects and designers who specialize in healthcare have led the way in addressing hospital capacity by designing temporary medical facilities. Architects are also working to transform vacant hotels, hospitals, and dormitories into makeshift treatment centers, while also utilizing outdoor spaces like parks and campsites.

3-D Printing

Many architecture firms have access to 3-D printers, which has allowed them to make plans to print and distribute N95 masks and other personal protective equipment. They are working with local hospitals to determine what equipment is in the highest demand. This is of critical importance because the doctors, nurses, and other health professionals on the frontlines need to be able to keep themselves safe so they can continue to treat patients.

Advocacy Work

Architect firms are also playing a key role in advocacy. The current crisis shows that the healthcare system in the United States lacks the necessary infrastructure to handle major pandemics. In the future, the nation will need to invest more in hospitals to increase their ability to respond to rapid influxes of patients. Architectural firms are urging Congress to address the infrastructural shortcomings in their stimulus packages and advocating for the need to design a system better that will be better prepared for health crises down the road.


Because of the nature of design, architects are some of the most creative, innovative, and resourceful professionals in the workforce. They’re adept at planning and problem-solving. This makes them incredibly valuable in emergencies. For example, architecture firms have taken the lead in establishing temporary housing for homeless populations who are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 because they don’t have an easy way to self-isolate.

We are experience what will be one of the defining international emergencies of our lifetimes. Architecture firms are playing a key role in the COVID-19 response by designing temporary hospitals and treatment centers, working on procuring personal protective equipment, advocating for investments into healthcare infrastructure, and helping to identify and resolve problems that arise as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.


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