I recently read an article published in Architizer called “6 Way Residential Architecture Can Impact Your Health”.  It is a fascinating architect about how architects and designers can create with health and wellness as their north star.

But what about the rest of us already nested in our homes of choice?  How can we improve our own homes to benefit our health?

Below are a few ideas that the Architizer article started with.

Natural Light

It is well known that natural light is a critical aspect of mental well-being as well as physical health.  But your home’s windows are what they are.  How can you increase the natural light in your own home?  First, mirrors can be a great addition to brighten a home.

Another way to maximize natural light in your space is to choose the right window treatments.  Heavy, stationery drapes and plantation shutters block light, which is needed, but cannot be moved or retracted enough to let large amounts of light in.

Instead, choose diaphanous drapes and hang light-blocking roll shades.  Roll shades are transformable.  When needed, they block the light but can almost disappear when rolled up, letting in the maximum light.

Optimal Ventilation

I am sure we would all love a home with huge glass doors that glide back to open up walls of space to the outdoors, allowing for true indoor/outdoor living.  Wonderful.

There is a way to achieve the benefits of this lifestyle in any home.  The first, and most obvious, is to open windows.  To maximize the flow of air, which can be very beneficial for health by exchanging stagnant indoor air with fresh outdoor breezes, is to open windows, or doors, on opposite sides of the house.

Another way to improve air in your home is plants….

Biophilic Spaces

Biophilic design is creating connectivity with the natural environment by interaction, both direct and indirect, with natural, living elements.  Simply living with plants has been proven to reduce blood pressure, lower stress, boost oxygen levels in a space, and remove pollutants from the air.

So, the best way to create your own biophilic space is the add plants to your space.  I know, one more thing to keep alive.  It’s ok, many, many indoor plants a very low maintenance.  Start with a mother’s tongue, snake plant, or spider plant if you are just getting started.  Who knows, you may even discover your green thumb.

Wellness spaces

Imagine it.  Home after a long day and the worst commute.  You sit in your steam room, hot tub, or meditation room and let the day slip away.  Wait, you have a couch and a kitchen, and both are covered in toys?

It has been my experience that the approach to a “wellness space” is a holistic look at where you live.  Elimination of clutter, cleaning often, finding a space for the things you love, and getting rid of what you don’t are important to creating a space that uplifts you.

Architecture of all sorts of spaces is looking long and hard at how to incorporate wellness, health, and peace of mind into the design.  But you don’t have to build a new house to achieve the same benefits that can be designed.