5 Ways You Know You Are Ready to Move on to a New Job

Changing jobs is often a hard decision to make. It may feel risky to give up a stable income unless you already have another great opportunity lined up. Yet, sometimes your long-term happiness and success may require you to take a chance. It can sometimes be a challenge to know if you are ready. Here are five ways you know you are ready to move on to a new role.

1. You Are Bored

Many people tell themselves that it’s alright if their job is boring because jobs aren’t supposed to be fun. Yet, if you’re constantly bored at work, you’re not going to be happy in the long run. You need a job that excites and inspires you. It is okay to have high standards. If you want a job that you actually enjoy, go find that job.

2. You Find It Hard to Stay Positive

You will never find a job that is perfect; every job has pros and cons. But if you find yourself constantly complaining or you regularly feel stressed and unhappy, there are better jobs out there for you. It’s important to have a job that keeps your spirits high. If you work somewhere that stresses you out and has a negative environment, you will end up bringing all that stress and negativity home with you.

3. You Do Not Feel Challenged

If you don’t feel challenged enough, this is another sign it’s time to move on to a new role. It’s common for people to enjoy a job at first but later on find themselves stagnating. You need a role that tests you and allows you learn new skills. Performing a job that you can do in your sleep five days a week won’t help your long-term career goals. You may need a job with more responsibilities and more stimulation.

4. You No Longer Feel Like You’re Contributing in a Valuable Way

Another issue you might have is that you feel like you don’t contribute to the firm in a meaningful way. Eventually, you will end up dreading coming to work every day. Maybe you’re not getting to work on projects that have an impact, or you feel like your skills are being used to their fullest. You won’t feel satisfied if you don’t feel like you have a purpose.

5. You Do Not Feel Supported or Encouraged

If you don’t feel like the firm supports and encourages you, this should also give you pause. Some companies treat their employees like they’re expendable. You want to work for a firm that goes out of there way to lift you up and support your professional endeavors. If you’re constantly worried that you’re not good enough, you won’t be happy.

It can be hard to tell when it is time to move onto a new role. Even when your job situation seems dismal, it is common to cling to hope. You think that things will improve with time, but it usually won’t. If you feel that the work isn’t exciting or challenging enough, if you feel like your employers don’t encourage you and support you, if you find yourself bringing stress home with you, it’s time to start looking for a new job.


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