Reasons to Get Involved in Your Local AIA Chapter

The American Institute of Architecture, or the AIA, is a professional association for architects that provides government advocacy, public outreach, education, and other services that bolster the architecture industry. While not every architect belongs to the AIA, there several great reasons why professionals in architecture should join their local AIA chapter.

Grow Your Network and Find Work

Getting involved with your local AIA chapter is the easiest way to meet other architecture and designs professionals. These connections can be invaluable whether you’re new to the profession or you’ve been in the field for decades. Networking is the number one way people find jobs. The opportunities that the AIA provide can help you grow your network and reach career goals.

As a member of the AIA, you can search job listings and post your resume. You can even set up job alerts. You will find job openings for architectural designers, project managers, assessment specialists and more.

Education Opportunities

To stay relevant in the field, you need to stay current on trends, develop your skillset, and increase your technical knowledge. AIA Architect members need to complete 18 learning units each year. This means that each year you will have to educate yourself in architecture and design topics, as well as health, safety, and welfare topics. You can take courses with the AIA or take courses with other providers. You can also do independent research.

The AIA helps professionals finance their education and pay for the Architect Registration Exam with scholarships. They also provide grants and fellowship opportunities to support research in the field. They understand how education and research improves architecture and design practices.

Emerging Professionals

The AIA also has a Center for Emerging Professionals. The association provides new professionals in the field with many different resources and opportunities, such as volunteer programs, information on licensing, job hunting tips, leadership opportunities. You can volunteer with the National Associates Committee and Young Architects Forum, which will help you test your leadership abilities and gain new skills. Engaging with the AIA is a great way to get your foot in the door as an emerging architect. They can also help you advocate for yourself within the industry.

As an architect, participating with your local AIA chapter can help you grow your network, find exciting job opportunities, volunteer, access helpful resources, and find educational opportunities.


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