Admit it; the bedrock of every successful business is its most prized assets: the workforce. A high-performing team makes for improved productivity. This, in turn, fosters growth beyond the competition and sustained longevity.

As an architecture or design firm, you want your business to grow. But if your team is underperforming, business growth is going to be a farfetched dream.

Here are four ways to elevate your team’s performance and improve your bottom line.

Reward Team Performance

Most business owners and team leads are open to the idea of regularly rewarding their workforce for their achievements, they just don’t know how or have not made it a habit.

Nobody likes their efforts to go unnoticed and unrewarded. When your team is rewarded for their achievements, it makes them feel valued and fosters loyalty. Small things matter. A simple gesture such as taking the entire department for lunch is a big deal. Make these simple actions part of your routine. It may seem disingenuous to create a reminder to share praise with team, but it will create a habit.

The emphasis is on rewarding your team, and not only high-performing individuals within the team.

Create Specific Tasks for Your Team

Creating a one-size-fits-all team approach may not look like a bad idea but it really is. When you place your team on every task, you’re bound to have more work turnovers and less motivated employees. There are several top-performers who can be placed in charge of other tasks.

When everyone’s clear about their tasks and objectives, you are guaranteed optimal productivity.

Place Your Top Performers in Charge

Another way you can boost your team’s performance is to promote your top-performers into managerial positions. Why? The answer is simple: the best employees make best leaders. And the best leaders inspire the best team to achieve organizational goals.
When you assign a role of higher responsibility to a great employee, they make sure to sustain the momentum by performing even better.

Develop a Feedback Culture

A shocking study suggests that 68% of all employees are disengaged at their various workplaces. Disengaged workers are only interested in their paycheck and not bothered if the business succeeds or fails. This is a problem for business owners and heads of departments.

Engaging your team constantly and allowing them to provide feedback makes them feel like they’re a part of the business. Regularly check-in and seek their opinions towards securing a contract, expansion plans, and other strategic business ideas.

Elevating your team’s performance may seem herculean. But if these surefire tips are practiced, you can rest assured of your team’s increased productivity.

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