As vaccines start and a possible pandemic end in sight, many are wondering what the future of architecture will look like. Although some major investments and design jobs have been put on hold, the demand for some projects continues to grow. City leaders, health experts and architects are all coming together to evaluate how to improve large public gathering spaces like airports, hotels, hospitals, gyms, offices, etc. Architects are leveraging their ability to solve problems in big ways. Here are some architecture trends that are in demand right now, along with some trends that could be threatened going forward.

Trending Upward

Affordable Housing. There were several affordable housing projects around the country that were planned and funded before the pandemic. Since many of these projects were also considered essential, they weren’t impacted by shutdowns and progress continues in cities like New York. Firms are also reporting an uptick in suburban housing projects including transit-oriented development near rail stations as more people leave the cities in favor of the suburbs.

Deep-Work Chambers. Deep-work chambers aim to limit distractions and separate the work and social space. Interior designers’ jobs are focusing more on creating unorthodox workspaces like these because they allow business owners to create order in a time when the lines of work and home have been blurred.

Higher Education. Even though many colleges and universities transitioned to remote learning during the pandemic, some firms are experiencing an increased demand to build new science and technology departments.

Trending Downwards

Co-Working Spaces. Prior to Covid, co-working spaces were growing significantly because they helped remote workers overcome the isolation of working at home alone. However, experts are predicting that the demand for these spaces might not be the same post-Covid due to CDC guidelines.

Commercial Offices. Some firms are indicating that there isn’t much of a demand for new office buildings right now. Still, a gradual return to the collective workplace could present new challenges for architects to keep employees safe with enhanced ventilation systems, more natural light and outdoor access points.

Hospitality. From travel restrictions to lockdowns, it’s no surprise that Covid significantly impacted the hospitality industry. There is a growing concern that these disruptions could be long-term because there isn’t much interest in new hotel projects.

Prior to Covid, firms were pressured to complete new projects in a hurry. Now, they are focusing more on certain constriction elements to promote safety, like reducing the number of flat surfaces that collect germs, along with the other trends discussed here.


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