Women in Architecture: Overcoming Underrepresentation

We are always exploring new ways that can help make architecture jobs more equitable. As global architecture recruiters, we are aware of the fact that women are underrepresented in our industry. Unfortunately, this industry isn’t immune from gender-based discrimination and according to a recent study, women occupy a mere 10 percent of the senior architecture jobs with the world’s leading firms. But a promising trend is the growing number of female-led firms that we are seeing around the U.S. For women in architecture, here are some tips that can help you advance in the industry.

The is no Failure, Only Education

Failure is inevitable in this profession. Even some of the most reputable architects experienced setbacks on their way to the top. Don’t let these failure hold you back. See it for what it truly is, another piece of education making you the best you can be. Resilience is one of the most important skills to have in interior design and architecture. Take a step back and never hesitate to ask for some help along the way to overcome your obstacles. Learn to see mistakes as learning and growth opportunities and you’ll never have a shortage of creative solutions in this business.

Seek out New Tasks

Career advancement in any profession is challenging when you only stick with what you know. Seek out new responsibilities and accept new duties that come your way. Be bold and step outside of your comfort zone to prove your versatility to employers. Give a presentation and attend networking events to show your knowledge and to help establish your presence in the field. Join professional organizations to become more involved at the leadership level.

Get Political (I know….)

One of the biggest reasons why we continue to see gender inequality is that some business leaders refuse to offer paid maternity leave. Instead of hiring equally qualified women for their architecture jobs, they opt for men that they assume won’t be absent for significant amounts of time. We encourage more women to consider running for political offices to introduce policies that support families and social welfare issues. One movement that is gaining momentum is called She Should Run. The group has already helped prepare thousands of women to run for offices across the U.S.

Promoting gender diversity is crucial because we need more balanced insights in architecture jobs. If you want to advance, then stay true to your values, and don’t hesitate to disagree with the majority when it’s necessary. Take credit for your successful projects, but don’t forget to share the spotlight if it was a collaborative effort.


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