In architecture and design, internal career mobility can set your firm apart. These days, employees expect the firms they work for to provide them with opportunities for career development and advancement. By providing opportunities for internal career mobility you can improve employee satisfaction and retention. Here are some of the top reasons why you should make internal mobility a top priority.

It’s an Investment in Your Company

Career development is an investment in your firm’s future success. By helping your employees develop new skills, your firm benefits because your team is now more competent and can perform a wider range of tasks. Over time, career development programs ensure that your team remains competitive in the design field.

Internal Mobility Improves Engagement and Retention

When there is a lack of opportunity for advancement, your employees are likely to look elsewhere for new challenges. More importantly, your top performers will probably be the first to go because they will have the easiest time landing other job offers. In contrast, when you have an established program for internal mobility, your employees have an incentive to seek out challenges and push themselves to learn new skills, which, in turn, improve employee engagement.

Internal Mobility Helps Attract Better Talent

Today’s employees are more worried about job security than in the past. As a result, firms that invest in things like up-skilling and training are much more appealing to job hunters. Talented professionals want to know that they will remain relevant and can have a long career in design or architecture. Having a solid internal mobility program shows candidates that you are committed to seeing them succeed.

Internal Mobility Saves Time and Resources

By hiring internally, you also end up saving time, money, and resources on hiring. Let’s face it, not all hires require the work of an industry recruiter. So, for some roles you need to think strategically about internal mobility. In addition to the money and resources spent on interviewing candidates, external hiring involves additional expenses, such as training costs. Internal hires are already familiar with the company’s policies, culture, and customs. With external hires, you have to spend more time acclimating the new employees to the work culture. Internal hires can reach a high-performance level faster and with fewer expenses.

Internal mobility should be a major priority for architecture firms that want to maintain their competitiveness in the field. When design firms invest in career development and advancement, they attract better talent, improve engagement and retention, and end up with employees who perform at a higher level. They also save money on hiring.


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