Work cultures have seen dramatic changes since the pandemic. COVID-19 enabled employers and employees to think about their values and make changes in their professional lives. Unfortunately, while some changes led to positive outcomes, others negatively impacted the architecture and industry.

According to research, the pandemic resulted in the loss of 21 million payroll positions between February and April 2020, contributing to around 16.5% of the total payrolls.

Now, in the post-pandemic world, potential employees have had the time to re-evaluate their needs. This is why they are prone to rejecting offers until they find an employer that meets their requirements and provides growth opportunities.

Considering this, architecture firms must update their interview processes to ensure the hiring of valuable recruits that can provide efficient results at a low cost. An interview panel can help you sift out dedicated candidates who can bring long-term value to your firm.

This guide will tell you the importance of putting an interview team together to optimize your hiring process.

3 Things to Consider When Building an Interview Team

Creating an interview team can do wonders for your firm. An interview team comprises a panel of experts who can analyze the candidate’s profile for any position, title, or level. These individuals can discern the candidates’ potential to meet the job requirements for a specific role.

Let’s look at how you can optimize your hiring operations and avoid the hassle of dealing with constantly declining offers.

Make the Panel Diverse

Your interview panel should consist of individuals with expertise in different areas. The interview panel should include:

  • An HR representative to assess the candidate’s experience, values, and profile
  • A supervisor to determine the candidate’s skillset
  • Organizational psychologist (if you have one) to evaluate the candidate’s personality and temperament.
  • A decision-maker (usually a CEO in small businesses)who makes the final decision

Highlight Your Strengths

Your interview team should also focus on highlighting the strengths of your company. Your panel should allow the candidate to make inquiries about the firm, so you can promote the unique selling points that make your workplace attractive.

The hiring panel needs to have a comprehensive understanding of your firm’s selling points, growth potential, and strategy for promotion. All hiring committee members should also be on the same page, send a cohesive message to candidates, and command the interview process.

Create A Rotation Order

A rotation order means inviting different team members to interview candidates. You can also invite different HR representatives to handle the interview responsibilities to see the effectiveness of their approach. However, the HR manager and the CEO must make the final decision regarding candidates.

Wrapping Up

Creating an interview team can help you hire the right candidates for your firm who will stay with your company for the long haul. When creating an interview panel, make sure to include members with expertise in assessing different skills.

You must also train your interview panel to learn about the organization’s strengths, goals, and the message you wish to convey. This way, you can send out a cohesive message that best reflects your brand. Lastly, make sure to change up the interview panel from time to time and test out the different approaches of your team.

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