Don’t ruin all the hard work of bringing in top talent but thinking that the first day is the end of the process. It is not. After the new employee starts it is critical for team leaders and managers to focus on strengthening the overall work environment to ensure that each new hire is successful. Although there are plenty of benefits to hiring diverse, multigenerational teams, it can be challenging to manage employees who have different work styles, values, motivations, etc. You can create a high performing team with these tips.

  1. Provide constructive feedback. Millennials are going to make up a majority of the world’s working population by the year 2025. Professionals from this generation are very distinct in their need for approval from their managers, so it’s important to celebrate success by recognizing individual contributions and team accomplishments. Providing regular, specific feedback can help all employees accomplish their goals regardless of their age, experience, etc. Plus, leaders really need to focus on managing conflict more effectively because it can promote positive organizational change through new thinking and building stronger professional relationships.
  2. Organize regular training sessions. If you want employees to collaborate more effectively, then you need to train them to learn each other’s strengths and working styles. Regular training will also promote clear communication among employees and improve teamwork.
  3. Set clear goals and expectations. Having clear goals will separate average teams from those that are high performing. Team goals as well as individual roles and responsibilities all need to be clearly defined for a team to excel.
  4. Overcome pre-existing stereotypes. Unconscious bias is something that holds many teams back from reaching their full potential. For instance, you should get to know employees first before you presume they lack people skills, can’t use technology, etc. Cross-generational mentoring can be an effective way to overcome these stereotypes.
    5. Create a flexible working environment. From remote working options to flexible work schedules, team members need work styles that fit their needs to perform at optimal levels.
  5. Be reliable and trustworthy. Focus on building trust so team members know they can depend on you.

We can accomplish more together than alone. Yet, great teamwork doesn’t happen too often without strong leadership because somebody must provide motivation and ensure that employees are going in the same direction. Design recruiters can give you a head start by sourcing candidates with specific soft skills to facilitate teamwork. Then it’s up to you to lead them to success using these tips.


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