I was checking out one of my regular sites, The Awesomer, today and learned something new, which I love to do.  The 80’s style has an origin!  In fact it came from one design house!  The design house that started the trend was called The Memphis Group.  This group truly defined the look of a generation.  What is the Memphis aesthetic?  Think bright colors, hard angles, and layered graphics.

Now I lived through this aesthetic.  In many ways it is the one I most identify with.  I graduated High School in 1989 and the Memphis aesthetic was everywhere.

Don’t believe me?

Facts of Life store in the Memphis style.

This great Vox video does a much better job of explaining the trend than I could, so please enjoy.  Just remember.  This was a small group, together for a short time, and they changed the world.  Imagine what you can do!