Most people know investing in talent is important. Employees are the backbone of every company. But not everyone knows how to tell if they are making the right investments. This is especially true in the technology and architecture fields because these fields are fast-changing and competitive. Here are some tips for the best investments you can make in your employees.


In the tech field, investing in your employees means making sure they have the right training and the necessary certifications. Technology changes rapidly so education needs to be continual. To keep employees working efficiently, you need to provide them with the right amount of support, so they can grow and develop the skills they need to keep your company competitive. Training works best if it is fun and consistent. One important thing to keep in mind is that even in the tech field, employees all have different levels of proficiency. For this reason, training programs need to be diverse.


In the architecture fields, training and certification is also important. In addition to regular training, you might need special training based on circumstance. For example, if one of your employees is going to conference in the near future, they may need additional preparation around selling and business development if they want to maximize the experience.

Conference Preparation

It is practical to have a training program specifically designed to help employees know how to work a conference. Employees are going out into the market to representing the firm. They need to know what to do at the conference and what to bring back. More specifically they need to know how many client leads to come back with and how to identify potential clients. They also need to know how to introduce themselves to multiple people, handout business cards, initiate conversations, and make connections with people in a short timeframe.

Rotating Interview Team

It is useful to give your team members the opportunity to sit in on interviews. It instills a sense of ownership and involvement in the firm’s important decisions. Give your team members the chance to be involved by creating a rotating interview team. Establish this requirement as an honor and an integral part of growing on the team. Interviews are for selling the company and evaluate talent. The goal of an interview is to see how the candidates fit with the company’s strengths and values. Employees should have a vested interest in these interviews because they can learn and share firsthand what the firm’s goals are. They will have a better understanding of the company and have a better understanding about how to talk about the company when they are out in the world.

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