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It’s easy to forget just how intensive the hiring process can be. From creating job descriptions and screening applicants to interviewing candidates and negotiating salaries; handling your own hiring needs can quickly become a significant distraction that prevents you from accomplishing more important obligations. Here are some benefits the growing number of architectural firms are realizing after engaging with recruiting firms to hire top talent.

Leverage Broader Industry Connections

Working with a recruiting firm is a strategic way to leverage the recruiting talent that your firm might be lacking. In-house hiring managers don’t have access to the passive candidates that your company needs. This can result in habitually settling for active candidates that don’t have the necessary skills for the job. Recruiting firms have access to an extensive network to connect you with candidates that might be off the grid because they are already employed elsewhere and not looking for a job.

Faster Hiring Process

A typical job listing can lead to hundreds of resumes and applications for any single position. But you’ll still have to sort through them knowing the majority of them won’t have the required qualifications. Recruiting firms already have a lineup of qualified and screened candidates for a variety of specialized positions. This allows companies to skip the beginning steps of the hiring process and move quicker into the interview process. It’s also important to remember the costs associated with not filling a position in a timely manner through loss of productivity, diverting resources, etc. This make fast hiring crucial.

Recruiters Act as a Third Party

One of the benefits of working with a recruiter is that they act as a third-party, opening up more engaged and honest conversation. Recruiting firms help negotiate the best salary, while providing the firm with guidance and advice on what is fair and appropriate. They’ll also provide a deeper understanding of the talent you are interviewing. Through their deep screening process, recruiting firms provide a 360-degree view of each candidate. Partnering with a recruiter can also be a wise investment from a marketing standpoint. Good recruiters become advocates for your firm in the marketplace.

Human Resources are a valuable part of any firm and a true partner to the recruiting firm. The challenge many human resource departments have is that they don’t have the time to do the deep relationship development that is needs to leverage talent in today’s market. Only companies that are proactive in their hiring efforts are landing the best candidates, this is what make the HR and recruiting firm relationship so important. One of the best ways to stay proactive is by establishing a relationship with a reputable recruiting firm because they will fully understand your hiring needs and can deliver the most qualified candidates for the role.

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