The 2019 Residential Architecture Trends We Noticed

2019 is over and the new decade has begun. Let’s take a quick look at a few of the residential architecture trends of 2019.

Smart Home Technology and the Connected Home

Interest in building smart homes has increased exponentially over the past few years as homeowners turn toward technology for more convenience, safety, and lower utility bills. Now, there are smartphone apps and devices that can allow you to monitor who is ringing your doorbell when you are away from home, manage the indoor temperature, and even control the sprinklers on your lawn. Architecture consulting services are working with contractors to find the safest ways to not only install all of these new devices, but where to put all of the necessary wiring that they require to operate. Some of the most popular smart home options currently on the market include: automated lighting, smart thermostats, smart access locks, and video monitoring systems.

Tiny Homes

The tiny house movement is being considered a lasting trend in the housing market rather than a “here today, gone tomorrow” fad. The industry is predicting that the next generation of homeowners will opt for tiny homes to avoid the rapidly inflating prices of standard properties. Some cities are also using them to solve other challenges by providing affordable dwelling for disabled or homeless members of the community. Architecture and interior design recruiters will be looking for qualified candidates to help meet this demand and devise innovative solutions for smaller living spaces, like proposing ways to install standard-sized appliances into them.

Greener Cities

A growing number of architecture jobs are being tasked with meeting climate change concerns and other sustainability concerns. These concepts go beyond a building into incorporating these trends the city at large. Green roofs are favored by building owners in many major cities around the U.S. because they can generate significant energy-cost savings and last up to 400% longer than standard roofs. Permaculture techniques are also being integrated into building design in order to create more sustainable urban environments. Designer are also incorporating rain gardens to capture and clean run off.

Outdoor Living Spaces

From rooftop sundecks to enclosed gazebos, homeowners are increasingly seeking new and stylish features that promote inside-out living. Expect future design jobs to become more focused on opening homes to the outdoors with easy to access barbecue areas, retractable doors, and entertainment features that can be enjoyed both inside and outside of the home.


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