technology in architecture

Over time, technology has transformed the architectural industry. The field has become more experimental, yet also more adaptable. New technology in architecture has allowed design professionals to become more collaborative and meticulous. From BIM and Revit to Cloud Services, here are some software, applications, and technology that have become indispensable.

Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling, or BIM, is a digital representation of the characteristics of a facility. BIM is revolutionary source of information that is used in the architecture industry as a basis for reliable decision-making. One of the most useful BIM tools is Revit, which allows users to design buildings and structural components in 3D. BIM technology increase collaboration, saves times, and allows for better detail.

Design Build

In this model, the designer and the construction services are contracted by the same entity. This entity is the design-builder, who assumes responsibility for all of the phases of a project. This method simplifies the process by encouraging collaboration and open communication between architects, builders, estimators, and engineers. The has allowed for a more streamlined process. After the developer buys the land, they go to the construction firm who starts the process of egress, zoning, etc. The builder hires the architects and designers to the design the building. The builders construct it, then the final product is handed off. Design-build is on the rise and becoming steadily more popular due to the efficiency, quality, and potential cost-savings.

Cloud Services

More and more frequently, entire projects are held together in the same software. This allows everyone who is a part of the project to access the information equally and in real-time. This also eliminates lag time between change orders. With this methodology, teams can work together more efficiently and harmoniously. The need for every-thing to be easily accessible for everybody has increased the demand for cloud-based design products. Cloud computing is used for rendering, project management, performance analysis, and modeling, which has made the technology vital for modern architectural firms.

The architecture and design industries look much different today than they did ten years ago. Like most fields, technological advances have fundamentally changed the very nature of the industry. Cloud-based services, building information modeling, and design-build, in particular, have revolutionized architecture and have become indispensable tools for the professionals in the industry.

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