This marks the eighth holiday I have had since starting DBI.  This (somewhat self-serving) proclamation is because I can honestly say that for each day within each of those seven years I have learned something new.

Not all lessons have been great ones.  There is truth to the adage that scars become our war paint.  For 2016, the scars were fewer than the celebrations, and I am thankful!  The firm expanded its Architecture and Design offering to new, exciting clients and we helped our current family of clients grow their firms!

We also saw our Construction and Development department grow to an influential player in the domestic market.  This has been very exciting to see.

So, as 2017 begins, we at DBI wish all of you continued learning!  Don’t worry if the lessons are hard or easy, the point of it is to keep learning, trying, and improving.

From all of us at DBI; James, Lauren, Ashton, Dawnielle, Will, and myself, all the best!