rewards of working in architecture

Many people think it is difficult to turn their creative gifts into a career but there are many benefits you can reap by pursuing a career in architecture, especially since the real estate market in the United States is better than it has been in a long time. Here are some of the rewards of working in the architecture field.

A Creative Challenge/Leaving Your Mark

There are many moving parts to an architectural project that require taste and design skill. You are constantly thinking about building materials, lighting, shapes, and all of the other details that go into project. How will the project look when it is done? Who will use the space? How will that use change over the years? After all the thought you put into creating a space, there is something inherently rewarding about seeing your creation come to life and have a life for many years. For many, architecture is their calling. It can be extremely satisfying to know you are doing what you are meant to do.

Collaboration with People Who Share Your Passion

As with many creative careers, collaboration is at the heart of architecture and design. It is an opportunity to work with other creative professionals, from interior designers to other architects, graphic designers as well as virtual reality developers. It is also a great opportunity to form friendships with people you will likely have a lot in common with.

Making the World a Better Place to Live

There are many avenues you can take with architecture that can benefit your community. Housing design focused on multi-family units helps make housing more affordable, ease sprawl and influences the livability of a city. It also helps solve generational housing problems by offering elders an opportunity to age in place through co-housing with younger generations in the same multi-family space. Communal spaces give neighbors a safe place to gather and socialize. Hospitals and charitable organizations provide numerous community services that enhance quality of life. Meanwhile, all of design choices also affects how the space influences the user. What a great way to really make a difference! Consider this: You can build the community you want to live in. There is something empowering about that.

A career in architectural presents you with the opportunity to do what you love, while giving you creative freedom to express yourself. You also get a chance to help others in your community, collaborate with imaginative professionals, and participate in community. Few other fields offer the same rewards as architecture.

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