Seattle Architecture

Think about the biggest cities in the United States.  What cities come to mind?  New York, for sure.  San Francisco?  Chicago?  Houston? Los Angeles?  Now think of these large cities that are geographically restricted.  New York, San Francisco, Chicago to some degree?  The truth is that most large cities in the United States look like a tree stump.  One can follow the “rings” further into the city to find homes from deeper in the past.  Cities like New York and San Francisco don’t have the same “rings”.  Old and new live together, side by side.  In these dense cities architectural approaches are shaping the way people live.

So it is with Seattle Architecture.

I have lived in the Seattle area since moving from Dallas in 1998.  I have live in the city since 2003 when we purchased our home in West Seattle.  Doing some quick math, I have lived here for 20 years.  I have seen the city grow, expand, change.  I have always known about the geographic restrictions on the city but I have never felt them.  Not until now.  Since 2015-ish is has truly felt like space is limited.  And the people keep coming.

The Seattle Time, our home town paper, just published an outstanding article in their magazine.  It speaks to both the challenges of Seattle Architecture and some of the innovative solution our local design community is finding.

Totally worth the read.

Seattle Times Story Link