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As architecture and design recruiters, we regularly make placements for our clients that result in stability, growth, and long-term success. It’s especially gratifying when we can help a firm in times of challenge and give them the boost they need to achieve their goals. Here’s an example of one of our recruiting spotlights when we helped a firm in their time-sensitive need for talent.

An Architecture Firm Facing Challenges

Hadley, a property development firm with business interests in California, Washington, and Hawaii, is small but profitable company. Hadley has one architect on staff who supports document creation, project design, and concept inception. This has allowed the firm to develop several interesting projects. Then, Hadley’s architect suddenly died. With active projects across three different states, Hadley urgently needed to find a talented replacement.

A Great Partnership

The firm, although experts in development and property management, was not prepared to quickly hire a replacement architect. They didn’t have the capacity to post the job and sort through dozens of applicants to find a small number of good candidates who might apply. They also did not have the ability to strategically target candidates in the market, connect with them, and persuade them to make a change. So, what did they do? This is where our recruiting firm served as a great partner to Hadley. Our recruiters have unparalleled knowledge of the architecture industry and employment market and an extensive network of world class talent at our fingertips.

Needs Assessment and Establishing a Timeline

We met with Hadley to define their needs and worked with them to establish a timeline for starting the replacement architect. Then, we leveraged our deep connections in the local architecture and design industry to swiftly identify qualified candidates. Hadley had unique needs; the candidate needed to have strong design skills and a technical mindset. In addition, the candidate needed to be able to direct and drive work, but also dive into production when needed.

Track Record of Success

Hadley engaged us because of our track record of success in the architecture industry, our speed, and our access to talent resources. Our two firms worked together to develop a plan with an aggressive two-month project timeline. The plan was twofold – first, we would connect with the strongest candidates in the city. Second, we would reach out to candidates that we weren’t familiar with but who worked for similar firms in the area.

Executing a Simple Strategy

Because we used a simple strategy and executed it concisely, we provided three outstanding candidates for Hadley to review within a month. We then worked with Hadley to rank the three candidates and provided them with strategic information, which allowed them to make an offer that was quickly accepted.

The new architect started within the established timeline, and Hadley successfully kept their major projects on track. This saved Hadley both time and money because their projects were completed on time and they were to use the acquired design knowledge to close more deals. Our firm thrives on solving hiring problems like these. Although Hadley’s challenge was unique, our firm thrives on helping firms address their hiring problems quickly and efficiently.


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