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We Are Hiring! – Recruiting Assistant / Researcher

If Twitter makes you smile and Facebook is your friend, read on!

So there’s you. You love people and connecting with people over social media…any social media. You make connections easily and find friends in almost every situation. Likes? You’ve got them! Followers? Are you kidding? Retweeted? Always!

Would you like to turn these activities into a career with unlimited growth and income? If so, DBI may have a job for you. We are hiring a Recruiting Assistant-Researcher into our Seattle office. This is an entry level role that will allow the right candidate leverage their deep interested in connecting into a successful career in recruiting.

Now we are not naive, Recruiting is not for the faint of heart. It will take hard work but we suspect you like hard work and the rewards that it brings.

  • Working to grow a world class recruiting firm in a unique and growing niche. Let everyone else fight for the tech talent, there is big money to be made elsewhere!
  • Learning how to identify and source talent using all the tools, from Boolean and google dorks to old school investigation
  • Ability to use and leverage every social media tool known to man!
  • Let’s see, what was the last thing? Oh, that’s right. Lots of money.

The really exciting part is that you will have the unique ability to help a strong and feisty Seattle firm grow into a global thought leader. We are not sure what that really means but with your help we will define it together.

If you are ready to step out of the mundane and into something totally different, completely rewarding, and pretty damn cool, reach out to David. He can be reached at . You can also check out the website at It is pretty cool as well.

If you would like to review the full job description for the position, you can check it out HERE