mobile portfolio

I was having coffee with a friend the other day when the most amazing thing happened; he showed me his portfolio…on his phone. It was nothing fancy, just a few pictures of renderings and finished work he had done, but this small act sent my mind racing. Was I witnessing the future?

What a simply brilliant idea for anyone networking for a new job or responsible for their firm’s business development. We all know that networking can happen unexpectedly. The person next to you on the plane could be your next client. The woman you ride the bus with everyday could be a principal hiring for her firm.

Not only is having your portfolio images on your phone a great way to be prepared for the unexpected encounter, it is a great way to demonstrate your work in more predictable situations. Many of you may find this “mobilfolio” an easy way to show your work when meeting firms for informal interviews which often happen at lunch or over coffee.

The mobilfolio does not need to be elaborate; simple pictures of your work are fine. The point is to give a visual framework for the discussion, just like your main portfolio.

So, do you have any of your work on your phone? Do you have a mobilfolio?