The number of remote employees continues to surge across the United States. Even though many leaders are still adapting to these rapid changes, some are struggling to keep everyone on track. Fortunately, your remote teams can be just as productive as your onsite one as long as you help them stay accountable. Promote a culture of accountability and learn how to keep your remote team accountable with these tips.

Set Specific Goals

Don’t freestyle when it comes to developing your remote work strategy. You might even have to overhaul your hiring process. First, educate yourself on how to hire and develop strong time management and collaboration skills in your employees and new hires. People with these skills are better suited for a remote working environment. Next, focus on setting clear expectations concerning project deadlines, company values, and how to ask for help. Finally, lead with flexibility and empathy to keep everybody motivated and working together even while you’re apart.

Streamline Communication

Keep your remote team accountable with consistent communication. Providing remote employees with the right communication tools, like video conferencing and chat platforms, will help improve engagement while keeping everyone connected. Then, you must focus on making it more efficient. It starts with an organized, central file sharing system where remote employees can access important documents and resources. Next, assign a point person for significant projects so you don’t have to chase after project details. Finally, send out an internal newsletter to share important updates.

Schedule Accountability Meetings

Hold periodic accountability meetings to keep everyone informed and on the same page. Make sure the time is favorable for your remote staff spread across other time zones. Ask your remote team for details regarding what projects they are currently working on, if they need more resources and whether or not there are any barriers getting in the way of completing their work.

Focus on Flow and Alignment

Prioritize a smooth workflow to increase creativity, motivation, and productivity. Instead of only worrying about how much employees are getting done, ensure that employees are spending time working on the right thing that matches their skills. This will increase productivity and employee engagement.

Use Project Management Tools

Tracking progress and creating structure can be challenging when you have employees working both remotely and in the office. Project management software such as ServiceNow and Basecamp are ideal for assigning deadlines and responsibilities. They also provides everyone involved with clear progression reports along the way.

A successful remote work environment requires trust and accountability. For this reason, recruiting self-motivated people for your remote architecture jobs and managing them well is crucial. Concentrate on keeping your team accountable using these tips.

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