How to Master Talent Retention

Both architecture and technology jobs have their share of issues when it comes to retention. Sometimes bad hires are made out of desperation. Other times, a thorough onboarding process, designed to eliminate bad candidate and identify good candidates, isn’t implemented. But more often than not, high turnover is a byproduct of poor leadership. Improving leadership is the best way to increase morale and improve retention. The key is to understand the conditions that keep employees motivated and create an environment that is challenging, exciting, and supportive. Here are some tips to improve retention through good leadership.

Give Talent More Autonomy

In the tech and architecture fields, the work is very project driven. It is easy for managers to fall into the habit of micromanaging or managing just to the project. But when employees have more freedom, they will be motivated and more likely to stay loyalty to the company. They want to be able to work their own problems out. Avoid talent burnout by giving your team more autonomy on projects, and in their creative process in general.

Keep Things Exciting

In the tech field, employees look forward to being assigned cool, new projects, otherwise they start to feel bored and lose focus. The same is true for architects. Good leaders recognize this and do their best to keep the work exciting. Employees want a chance to be creative and to be challenged. They will feel more capable of expressing their creativity if they aren’t afraid of receiving negative feedback. The best leaders are open-minded and try not to be overly critical.

Career Development

In the architectural and the technology field, employees want to be able to influence the final design of the projects. They also look forward to the chance to lead a team of their own. They learn a lot on the job and want to be able to use what they learn. They also want to be able to share what they’ve learned with others. Good leaders understand that their employees want opportunities for career growth. Without these opportunities, employees will leave and find a job that will allow them to better develop their skills.

Employees also want to have more interaction with clients. They want exposure to the client and want to have a say in translating the client’s thoughts and wishes into a finished project. Strong leaders recognize that retention is a fine balance. You have to help designers find their niche, while also understanding that you will have to make sacrifices. You are responsible for making the company money, but also for keeping employees inspired. These are difficult tasks to juggle. Sometimes, compromises need to be made.


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