Making a great first impression at your new firm can be fun, exciting, and a little unnerving. So naturally, you want to connect with your coworkers and feel comfortable in your work environment. If you’re a naturally outgoing person that possesses a lot of confidence, meeting people may be more effortless, but if you’re feeling slightly anxious to start working at your new firm, don’t worry too much. Virtually everyone who works at the firm has been in your shoes and understands how you feel. In addition, your coworkers and supervisors want you to succeed!

Here are three things to keep in mind when starting a new job.

Be the Best Version of Yourself

First, being authentic and the best version of yourself is a good start to making a good impression. You don’t have to be too generous with compliments or too withholding. If you recognize good work, say it. Make authentic connections. Create a healthy image of yourself and your relationship with your colleagues and supervisors. Remember, you’re getting paid to do a job, so always act professionally.

Take Pride in Your Work

Always do your best work and make your best effort not to make your coworkers’ jobs harder. Ask questions. Report to your supervisor and meet your deadlines. If you fill those expectations, you’re fulfilling your requirements. Furthermore, you can impress your supervisor by putting in the extra effort. Always arrive to work on time and try not to be the first to leave.

According to a recent survey, 74% of employees are willing to train outside of work hours. Most employees feel training on the job is important to them. If staying late two days out of the week will improve your work, make the sacrifice, especially when the assignment is significant. There’s nothing wrong with pouring yourself into your work and rewarding yourself with a break later after you completed a project.

The first 90 days are an opportunity for you to dig deep and really take your training seriously. Hit the ground running. Your firm will be pleased that you are adept at your job and your eagerness to learn.

Engage Your Team

Be responsive to emails. The first three months on the job is a big learning curve. Pay attention to everyone’s roles and make sure you learn to excel in your role.

Unless you have a pressing deadline, join your colleagues for get-together events. Making connections with your coworkers will not only create healthy relationships, but it is a team-building process that sets everyone up for success. Be flexible and helpful. Everyone will enjoy working with a person who is pleasant to work with more than the person with more skills. If you have raw talent, a good work ethic and are easy to get along with, rest assured skills can be developed over time. The bottom line is to be honest, ask questions, actively listen and don’t be toxic. Always keep your integrity.

If you follow these tried-and-true guidelines, you should be successful at establishing healthy work relationships.

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