Although some candidates are fortunate enough to land their dream design position, most people often find themselves doing things that they didn’t fully anticipate performing on the job. Nearly everybody is trying to find a healthy balance between the demands in their personal and professional lives. Fortunately, improving your emotional intelligence (EQ) can help you stay grounded and love your job. Here is how a high EQ can benefit you.

It Makes Us More Adaptable

From constantly changing trends to digital technology, there will be times when things don’t go according to plan, especially when it comes to design jobs. Emotionally intelligent people are more self-aware and flexible than others. It’s never too late to strengthen your self-awareness skills by acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses, making better decisions to support your goals, recognizing, and learning from mistakes, and anticipating your stressors. 

It Keeps Us Calm Under Pressure

Self-regulation is another ability that is crucial to career success. It doesn’t matter where you work or even what you do, there are going to be difficult situations and people to deal with. But, if you are open-minded to feedback, then you can use it to your advantage. Or, when emotions are running high, try waiting a few hours before responding. You will love your job more if you avoid office gossip and practice stress management. 

It Motivates Us

Many people that dislike their jobs have lost their commitment and motivation to do them. But emotional intelligence helps remind us why we were drawn to this industry to begin with. Sometimes, we must look for inspiration in other places like volunteering, TED talks, and even nature. An effective way to boost your motivation is to break down essential goals into smaller, achievable steps. 

It Improves Job Satisfaction and Performance

Employees with high levels of EQ don’t suffer burnout as often as other people do. Also, emotional intelligence contributes to better job performance because those workers are more emotionally stable, conscientious, and extroverted. People who love their jobs have built healthy rapport and trust with their colleagues, all of which stems from emotional intelligence.

The best-case scenario is when organizations and individual employees come together and invest more resources and effort to improve EQ. As an organization, it begins at the hiring level by interviewing for EQ-related competency. Then, you want to work for leaders that encourage you to keep growing these skills. Design recruiters can help you find the roles that you will be more satisfied with as your emotional intelligence develops.


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