How to Land Exceptional Talent for Your Firm

In architecture and design, firms thrive because of the character and creative talent of their team members. But if you don’t have the right branding and hiring strategies, you won’t find top performers. These strategies will help you make better hiring decisions and land exceptional talent for your architecture firm.

Focus on the Team, Not the Individual

Often, the best candidate isn’t the person with the most experience or most skills, but the person who best complements the team. You have to look at the strengths and weaknesses of your team and consider how candidates can contribute to the team dynamic. Does the candidate have background no one else on the team has? It’s best to have a team that is diverse and can approach problems from multiple points of view.

Hire for Energy

The highest performers tend to be the ones who are the most driven. Look for candidates who demonstrate genuine enthusiasm and have optimistic outlooks on life. These types of professionals will stay motivated more easily. You need a team that is resilient and able to stay inspired even when obstacles arise. Plus, positive attitudes are contagious, so you want employees who can share their good mood with others.

Use Your Top Performers as a Resource

Make your high performers a critical part of your recruitment process. Your top talent likely know other high performers, so they are a great source for referrals. You can also use your talent as brand ambassadors. If you have them discuss the successes that they have experienced working at your firm with interviewing talent, it will help sell your company to potential candidates.

Give Candidates Room to Talk

In many interviews, the hiring manager does most of the talking. They often overdo it by talking about the firm and the position. To make informed hiring decisions, however, you need to get to know the candidates. Give each candidate ample time to ask questions and discuss their professional achievements and roadblocks. This will allow you to understand how their brain works so you can assess how compatible they are with the team.

If you want to land exceptional talent, you need to be an employer candidates want to work with. You also need a hiring strategy that allows you to make smart hiring decisions. Focusing on team dynamics, hiring for energy, using your current talent as a resource, and taking the time to get to know each candidate will help you attract and hire exceptional talent.


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