As an architectural design firm, you understand what’s at stake when top talent gets a wandering eye only to leave you crying in the rain because you were “out-offered.” How does a firm combat the counter offer your potential new employees a going to get? Here are a few ideas:


A Quick Guide to Handling a Counteroffer 


It’s not often you see talented architects and designers throw out a resignation letter in hopes of twisting their boss’s arm into handing over a last-minute offer. Even if the employee didn’t do it maliciously, if they accept the offer, it won’t change their pain points and why they wanted to leave.


Remain Firm but Empathetic


Reiterate to them their own words in why they wanted to leave the company in the first place. Ask them why they think their current boss waited to receive the resignation before making an offer and if they believe accepting the offer will stain their chances of promotions in the future. Show the candidate your empathy and remind them of the ways your company will remove those pain points and open new doors for them.  


Let’s Talk Money and Benefits 


Before making your initial offer, you likely know what the wiggle room looks like – whether or not you’ll be able to match or exceed potential counteroffers. Even if the answer’s no, this has been known to change to accommodate the right candidate.  It never hurts to revisit but tread lightly. The last place you want to end up in is a bidding war for your talent.  


Emphasize the points the candidate initially loved most about your offer while paying attention to any new points they mention. Additional benefits are usually easier to tack on to a revised offer than increased pay. 


If the wiggle room is non-existent on your end, express this to the candidate. Thank them for the experience of getting to know them and even extend your arm out to offer a potential future position that meets their needs. 


Not all offers are winners but knowing you did all you could, helps to soften the blow. 

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