Do You Know How to Leverage Recruiters?

To land your next big job in design and architecture, try working with a professional recruiter who specializes in the same industry where you’re interested in working.

Recruiters have the advantage of having a bird’s eye view of what’s going on in architecture and design: they know which firms are hiring and what talent they’re seeking. They are recruiting you to augment existing team skills. It’s perfectly okay to ask your potential recruiter how often they fill positions requiring the same skills you have. Furthermore, ask about their marketing strategy and how you can help to make yourself more marketable.

In addition to some basics like keeping your resume current, try the following strategies when seeking collaboration with a design recruiter.

3 Tips when you work with an Architecture and Design Recruiter   

Searching for a new job can be similar to dating – you want to find someone great to be with, but not by being dishonest about yourself or fooling yourself about who they are.

Here are some tips for having a great job search when you work with an architecture and design recruiter:

Maintain an open mind regarding your entire job search by:

  1. Understanding what you want in the role and being clear about what’s important to you in your work.
  2. Developing a team mentality. You and your recruiter are working together to strategize, execute your plans and win that job.
  3. Being truthful and honest about your aspirations and abilities.

Your recruiter can offer suggestions and guidance, and they’ll probably coach you in preparation for your interviews. You are representing not only yourself but also the recruiter and their firm. Be timely and follow through with promises.

The benefits of having an architectural and design recruiter on your team

Candidates may be apprehensive about retaining the services of a professional recruiter for several reasons. Try to overcome any hesitancy about working with someone whose job it is to advocate for you. You’ll discover that working with a recruiter is one of the best professional decisions you’ll make in your career as a designer.

Recruiters can:

  • Help you find work more quickly.
  • Create a customized strategy.
  • Give you constructive criticism that can help you.
  • Locate the particular niche that is right for you.

Increase your likelihood of finding the right fit when you work with an architecture and design recruiter.

Once you land that new job, continue to connect with your recruiter. The vast network you’re creating could mean the same recruiter will come back to you when an even better opportunity presents itself.

If you don’t already have the skills, now is the time to get started. New opportunities await you.

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