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A new trend of “ghost quitting” has appeared in firms. Designers quit doing their jobs but haven’t abandoned their positions or desks. Mentally, they moved on, leaving piles of work undone. Eventually, they stop showing up for work.

Ghost quitting isn’t fair to the company, but sometimes it’s not a choice. If your work experience with the design firm has been positive and you’ve enjoyed working with the organization, why not ask for help instead? If that’s not an option, your final choice may be resignation.

You have two large tasks ahead of you. The first is to begin the clean-up process. Complete all activities assigned to you — unless they are long-term projects — and continue to give your best effort.

The second task is to write a resignation letter.

What to Include in a Resignation Letter for Designer Jobs

As important as it is to your career, writing a resume letter can be confounding. Following a standard template personalized to your unique situation can be helpful.

Your resignation letter should contain these sections:

The date and your supervisor’s name and work address

A clear subject line that states “Resignation”

The greeting (Dear ______:)

Three sections of content: giving notice, stating your appreciation, and looking to the future)

The closing (Sincerely,)

Your signature, name and title

Here’s what a sample letter might look like:

Dear Ms. Smith:

This is to inform you of my resignation effective September 29, 2022. I have accepted another position with another organization.

I appreciate the opportunities shared with me at Jonni Smith & Associates, and I appreciate the guidance you have provided. I hope we will continue to remain professional colleagues. You can reach me at [email protected] or 555-234-5678.

I wish you every success in the future.

Bob Davila


After the Resignation Letter

Writing a resignation letter can be tough for designers. However, this small gesture can mean a lot to your company and affect the impression you leave behind.

The reason is simple: your final communication demonstrates the ultimate in goodwill and professionalism. Leaving on good terms indicates maturity and responsible behavior — critical characteristics in design since you’ll likely see each other at conferences or other networking opportunities.

As your duties in the design firm begin to wind down, you may also wish to write a good-bye to your team members. This can be a short email and should be as professional as the resignation letter.

Let your team know that although you’re leaving, you appreciate the opportunity to have worked with them.

A resignation letter for designer jobs, along with a follow up email to colleagues, is the way to do it.

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