The past few years show a significant surge in compensation in the architecture industry. According to the AIA Compensation Report, the average salary in all architectural staff positions averaged upwards of $92,000 at the beginning of 2019, which is 6% more from 2017 levels. Statistics show this growth rate to be the most substantial annual rate in the past two decades.

In this highly competitive architectural industry, hiring managers strive to hire the best talent in the industry by offering an attractive package and discussing compensation. With easily accessible online platforms like Glassdoor, candidates already have a basic idea of how much they will receive based on their skills and education.

Many architectural companies rely on additional benefits to showcase their work culture and work-life to attract and keep their potential employees.

Here are a few strategies for hiring managers to discuss compensation with the candidates:

Highlight Benefits Offerings when Discussing Compensation

  • Compensation is key, and that is the very reason why hiring managers should showcase and offer non-cash compensation. These perks and benefits set the company apart from others and show that the company is genuinely interested and concerned about the employee’s well-being.
  • Attractive perks like telecommuting, vacation days, casual Fridays, professional development days, holiday parties, and retreats show that the work environment is inviting, comfortable, and employee-friendly.

Prepare the Right Package

  • Know the competitive market. It is best to stay ahead of the game and offer perks and advantages that suit the time. In the current pandemic, the need for telecommuting, flexibility, and health benefits are some aids that employees are leaning towards. Having a clear picture enables a concrete base for further discussion and avoids uncomfortable haggling that might ensue.
  • Start the discussion with a fair offer but leave wiggle room for potential change.

Respect Over Numbers

  • Candidates feel welcomed in a place where they feel valued and have a scope for personal growth and development.
  • It is highly imperative for hiring managers to build trust and have a relationship with potential candidates.
  • Discussing compensation should not be a win-lose situation but an open conversation to reach a middle ground.
  • Listening is crucial.

The architectural industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and the competition is even more vital. In these times, it is not only essential to hire the best talent but also to keep them happy and stay longer.

It is very important for hiring managers to discuss compensation smoothly and effectively because these benefits show that the company is receptive and sincerely interested in the welfare and personal growth of the candidate.

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